Artist and writer, Sheila Cameron, left mainstream entertainment to focus on art and family in 2005. Executive and producing positions at companies like HBO, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s LivePlanet, MTV, American Photo Magazine and gives her painting and digital engagement a unique perspective. She generated world-wide attention with the FREE KATIE site and t-shirts and broke down barriers between art worlds with her online only, solo show and auction, “Jerry Saltz Personally Invited Me to Hell and I’m going”. She received her BA in Fine Art and Writing from Loyola University in Maryland and continues explore the role of fine art in entertainment and social media from her home studio in Nevada City, California. Although she is in Northern California now, she keeps personal and professional ties with Los Angeles, the city where she spent most of her life.

Fans and collectors have found engaging with Cameron online adds to their art buying experience. Often work will sell as she shares it in progress on Facebook and her eBay auctions always draw attention.

Currently she is showing work as part of DANK, a collective of which she is a founding member, located in the Miners Foundry Cultural Center in Nevada City.

Best In Show Award "The War on Women" Pittsburgh 2015
ArtSlant Showcase Prize Juried Winner August 2013
9 Time ArtSlant Showcase Prize Winner

“Dulcepalooza”, Los Angeles, CA
“ReCreate Earth Week Group Art Show”, Roseville, CA
(Scheduled for 2016)
“Human Rights Art Show”, The Gallery Presents, Los Angeles, CA July/August
“KVIE Art Auction, Sacramento, CA September

"The War On Women" Curated by Vicky Clark, Pittsburgh PA
"Women" Curated by Lisa Derrick Red Pipe Gallery, Los Angeles CA
"Cinema" DANK, Nevada City, CA
"Lore: The Art of Story" DANK, Nevada City, CA
"Every Angeleno Counts" Curated by Lisa Derrick Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles CA
"Wild and Scenic Film Festival" Nevada City, CA

"Two Johns and a Whore" Coagula Curatorial, curated by Lisa Derrick Los Angeles CA
"DANK Inaugural" Experimental pop-up collective, Nevada City CA
"The Real" Experimental happening at Center of The Arts, Grass Valley CA
"Small Works" Juried Group Show, Artists Studio in The Foothills, Grass Valley CA

Jury Member "Artisans Festival" Nevada City, CA

"Lucky 7's" Solo featured artist Neva Co., Nevada City, Ca
"Jerry Saltz Personally Invited Me to Hell and I'm Going" The Internet
"Phototaxis 2013", Group show Polson, MT
"My Life as a Deer" Group show curated by Dana Bloede Chicago, Ill.
"Wild and Scenic Film Festival" juried group show Nevada City, CA

Jury Member, "Sierra Festival of the Arts" Grass Valley, CA

Solo "Beautiful Monsters" Miner's Foundry Culture Center October, Nevada City CA
Solo show In the Kitchen Nevada City CA
Solo show Diamond Baker Mitchell LLP, Grass Valley CA
Solo show Matteo's Public Nevada City, CA
"Unleashed at Strathmore" Curated group Show, Strathmore North Bethesda, MD
"Wild and Scenic Film Festival" Juried group show Nevada City, CA
"Community Art Show" North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, Nevada City, CA
"Women's Art Show" North Columbia Schoolhouse" Cultural Center, Nevada City, CA

2011-2013 Artworks Gallery Grass Valley, CA

BA in Fine Art and Writing from Loyola University in Maryland