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May 24, 2011


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I like that painting.

Dead reckoning was how I finally discovered a use for algebra, many years out of school, when I had to navigate a sailboat in open water. It worked for centuries before we had GPS, but was also how Columbus discovered America.

So no telling what you guys will discover . . .

Sheila Cameron

I do believe we are in unchartered waters. I just have to trust we won't fall off the end of the world even if it feels like we might!


Wow...its beautiful !!!!!! And so are you.


One of the amazing things about being a mom is that you can choose to show your own imperfections to your children. You can choose to sit down and explain that you are not excusing her behavior, but the consequence of any further bad behavior has changed. You can tell her that you felt pushed to your limit last night and that you lashed out but now that you have had some time and distance from the heat of the moment, you feel you have set her up to fail in a way that you don't want her to fail. You can tell her that moms are imperfect too. Or you can choose to keep the possible outcome as it is now, but help her to succeed by trying to catch her in those moments before the spitting, hitting or yelling start and do some in the moment coaching. In the same way you took feedback and adapted your painting, you can adapt this circumstance. Let it teach another lesson to your child.
The painting is beautiful BTW.

Sheila Cameron

Thank you so much Laura! I really needed permission to be a softy because leaving her behind will never feel right. She has actually adapted her behavior and made REAL change in coping today. She actually came home from school, looked at me and said, "mom I feel like i might freak out. can i go outside for some alone time and regroup?" You could have knocked me over!!!! Needless to stay I'm playing it close and giving her lots of opportunities to do the right thing even when she slips. I think the lesson she needs to learn is not 'consequences' but 'course correction'. BTW I like your blog. I didn't go directly from stage diving to parenthood but my husband and I could sure tell some stories from the "good 'ol days." Keep in touch!


You know -- I think tonight is the first time that I've noticed the blue through the trees. Is that weird?

I'm sorry you're struggling with Layla. I struggle every single day with one of my sons, and it's been that way since he was about 2 and a half. It's damn hard, particularly when we love them so much we can't come up for air.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the getaway.


Oh, and the whole concept of dead reckoning is blowing me away.

Sheila Cameron

Right?! Dead Reckoning is such a lovely combination of words...I mean in the poetic sense. I never REALLY knew what it meant in the scientific sense. If you get a chance to listen to that radio lab show I linked to, you'll be blown away 100 times. I tried to explain to my husband the story of the girl who wanted to be "pulled out of the wall"...The mind...the beautiful mind and what it can do...

Sheila Cameron

Oh also, the blue wasn't there before!!! At least not in that shade and contrast. Thanks for noticing!

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